Sneha Multispecialty
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Bringing You Healthy Teeth and Radiant Skin

Dental and Skincare Solutions Under One Roof

Sneha Multispecialty is committed to providing quality dentistry and skincare with utmost compassion and care. We offer a unique combination of expert dental and advanced skincare services to help you achieve a radiant smile and rejuvenated skin. Our team of experienced doctors provide comprehensive treatments, from routine check-ups to surgical procedures. 

At Sneha Multispecialty Dental and Skin Clinic, we are dedicated to enhancing both your dental health and skin vitality, helping you feel confident and beautiful from the inside out. 

Our Dental Services

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Meet Our Team

Dr. Gopi Kishore C R

Dr. Meena Konada

Dr. Bharath T S
M.D.S, Oral Pathologist

Dr. Vaishali Bharath
M.D.S, Endodontist